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Expect To See This Anti-Human Message In Your Local Public School

Last week, Fox again trotted out its weird little series called "Life After People," this being an alternative look at themes explored in Alan Wiseman’s book "A World Without Us." Am I the only one who thinks both these works are porno for people who hate people? The shocking storyline in both cases is that things left outdoors will be attacked by the elements. Didn’t know that, did you? The bizarre setup in both cases is that all human beings abruptly disappear. The subliminal message is that this is gee-whiz wonderful because Earth has now been returned to its pre-human glory. The weird part, apart from this totally unrealistic scenario, is that the narrator telling the story is perforce dead, and everyone else is dead, and the narrator is HAPPY about this. Why? Because we are evil and dirty; and Earth must be cleansed. One thing that occurs to me is that Jupiter, Mars and Venus have no people, just boiling sulfur nights and airless minus-100-degree days. What’s so swell about that? You’ll have to ask someone who hates people.


First Question: Were The Firemen Taught Math In The First Place?

So Obama’s Supreme Court pick let the city of New Haven throw out the civil service test for fire chief, the problem being that no black candidates passed. Pundits want to discuss prejudice, etc. We had a parallel situation in Norfolk, Virginia; and here’s what you never heard anybody discuss, especially the local paper: these guys who didn’t pass the test, what math program did they study in school? Would it be one of those so-called Reform Math programs, with names like Connected Math, Everyday Math, MathLand? Could those wannabe fire chiefs have been taught math, or is it something genetically flawed in their heads? Maybe the people with flaws in their heads are the people running schools that don’t teach arithmetic. I keep thinking: suppose public schools found the best math programs and taught children how to do basic arithmetic, which is precisely what Reform Math does not do. I keep thinking: are we sure that none of the candidates could have been brought to the level where they passed? Wouldn’t we like to know that for sure? Why don’t local papers DEMAND better math courses??? (A related article is “The Assault on Math.”)


Republican Party Not Inclusive Enough, Says Colin Powell, Says Tom Teepen

As a connoisseur of sophistry, I remain in awe of liberal propagandists. You hear almost every day that the Republican Party, alas and woe is us, is not inclusive enough. (Colin Powell said so recently -- that’s my news hook -- but I’m sure it was said on 10,000 previous occasions.) Let’s suppose, just for the fun of it, that this lament is actually ingenious misdirection designed to take our minds off the real problem bedeviling America, which is that the Democrat Party is TOO inclusive. Let’s just imagine, merely as a theoretical exercise, that the Democrats excluded socialists, marxists, collectivists, totalitarians, and hate-America extremists. One has to wonder how much smaller the party would be? Who would be left to lead it? (I mention this because my main interest is education; and I believe the left wing of the Democrat Party is the main culprit when it comes to explaining the low standards in our public schools. For more on this, see "A Short Sad History of American Education.”


How We Lost The Literacy Battle...

One: Public schools, in effect, worked hard at not teaching reading. They used a bogus method called Whole Word and created 50 million functional illiterates and 1 million dyslexics. Probably the non-teaching of reading was the largest factor leading to the homeschooling movement. The best introduction to the Reading Wars remains Chapter One, about 23 pages, of Why Johnny Can’t Read, published 1955 by Rudolf Flesch. For a shorter but more broadly historical introduction, please see “30: The War Against Reading.” Two: Public schools were left alone to use faulty methods because the people whose duty it is to uphold standards did not uphold much; in particular the mainstream media and elite universities went into cultural comas. J’accuse! For a quick look at what newspapers must do better in the future, see “Saving The American Newspaper (S.T.A.N.).”


The Education Enigma <> A Lively New Book

What is that enigma exactly???? Simple. What the heck went wrong in American education??? Know what's funny. The answer is clear-cut. John Dewey and his pals were more interested in social engineering than in intellectual engineering. The rest is obvious. You get good grades for cooking a meal together; not for sitting by yourself reading a book. Dewey just hated kids sitting alone with a book. Sounds psycho to me. But I spent a lot of time reading books. (Click for info about THE EDUCATION ENIGMA--What Happened To American Education.) Bruce Deitrick Price


Ministry of Truth Reports No Records Of George Orwell

George Orwell has been declared a non-person by the top government agency concerned with historical accuracy. It has been further determined that Orwell did not write a novel titled 1984, that he did not explain better than anyone else the workings of totalitarian states, in particular, by his three slogans War Is Peace, Freedom Is Slavery, Ignorance Is Strength, and that in January 2010 we will not be celebrating the 60th anniversary of the alleged death of this exceptionally untalented non-person. Public schools will celebrate January as Owell...Who? Month. It has also been determined that the dumbing down in the public schools is double-plus-not an example of Ignorance Is Strength. (Related article "15: 1984--The Cover-Up" muses on how certain people always argue that 1984 means anything but what it means.)


Activist Educator Comes Out Four-Square Against Education

Jonathan Kozol pleaded with soon-to-be-graduated teachers at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia: “Don’t be drill sergeants for the state.” Kozol thus appeared to echo a refrain from Paolo Freire that the education of the poor and minorities should be minimal, lest these poor wretches become cogs in the capitalist-military-industrial complex. The solution, said Kozol, is that teachers must help children retain their “innocence.” Too much in the way of facts and knowledge could cause irreparable harm. Virginian-Pilot headline says, apparently without irony, "Buck system, Put kids first." Kozol appears to believe those nasty public schools are teaching way too much. Note: Antonio Gramsci, a real Communist, doubtless thought Freire a light-weight dilettante for opinions that will only hurt the children he says he cares about. Gramsci said the best thing is to give kids a really solid education. Me, too. Kozol agitates for "innocence." Isn't that code for dumbing down?


Democrats Should Be Blamed For Dumbing Down Education

Please, somebody WAKE UP the Republicans and tell them the good news: Democrats are guilty of educational malfeasance, and most people know it. Who else but liberal Democrats have created the dumbed-down public schools that now waste so much money and damage the country at every level? Liberal educators believe in collectivism; so they emphasize group activities at the expense of academic progress. In short, the party of “defining deviance down” is also the party of defining dumbness down...If by “education” you mean what virtually all Americans mean--that is, reading, writing, arithmetic, etc.--then no one is more anti-education than liberal Democrats. This should be shouted from the rooftops...Please see important political analysis on American Chronicle.


Educators and President Kill D.C. Vouchers

My take is that our Top Educators, no matter what they say, love mediocrity. Anything that threatens their pursuit of a collectivized muddle will be resisted. If vouchers in D.C. can provide more opportunity at less cost, making the NEA look bad in the process, well, you know what the NEA will ask the president to do. His decision to phase out the very successful voucher program is shameful. Instead, he should be encouraging all possible DIVERSITY IN EDUCATION--private schools, charter schools, homeschooling and, of course, vouchers. (Andrew Coulson at the Cato Institute says: "The president has sacrificed a program he knows to be efficient and successful in order to appease the public school employee unions. If he will do this for the NEA, he will do anything.")


Stunting Our Idea Of The Possible

Here's what John Dewey and his social engineers have done to us....The striking thing about American education is that we are under-achievers, seeming to feel that a C is all a person could hope for. We dream small because, for many years, our educators have made the country dazed and stupid. Here's the scam: schools don't teach; and then bureaucrats wring their hands and say it must be drugs, parents, the internet, etc. Let me sum it up this way. If somebody binds the feet of little girls, that somebody doesn't want girls to run...You’ve seen "Jaywalking." You’ve seen all the statistics and surveys. Perhaps you’ve heard that the US has 50 million functional illiterates. This is crazy, tragic stuff. We have to learn to think big again. Let children rise as far as they are able. Let them run. Here's the pretty part: I think such a policy would benefit the slower students most of all--because schools would actually be trying to teach them something.


Can You Answer This Scary Education Riddle???

What do Whole Word, Reform Math, Cooperative Learning, Self Esteem, Multiculturalism, Bilingual Education, Constructivism, and a dozen other popular educational methods have in common???
These are the best, most lavishly promoted ideas that our Education Establishment has. Each is said to transform education in our lifetime!! If you study the actual effectiveness of these ideas, you find that the promised results never seem to occur. What happens is that the decline of American education continues. Hmmmm.
Maybe, as this cynic suspects, each is an elaborate hoax. They don't work--that's the common feature. So there's no chance of improving public schools until we first get rid of the trash. That's the theme of "38: Saving Public Schools--A New Paradigm." is The Answer

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