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Activist Educator Comes Out Four-Square Against Education

Jonathan Kozol pleaded with soon-to-be-graduated teachers at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia: “Don’t be drill sergeants for the state.” Kozol thus appeared to echo a refrain from Paolo Freire that the education of the poor and minorities should be minimal, lest these poor wretches become cogs in the capitalist-military-industrial complex. The solution, said Kozol, is that teachers must help children retain their “innocence.” Too much in the way of facts and knowledge could cause irreparable harm. Virginian-Pilot headline says, apparently without irony, "Buck system, Put kids first." Kozol appears to believe those nasty public schools are teaching way too much. Note: Antonio Gramsci, a real Communist, doubtless thought Freire a light-weight dilettante for opinions that will only hurt the children he says he cares about. Gramsci said the best thing is to give kids a really solid education. Me, too. Kozol agitates for "innocence." Isn't that code for dumbing down? is The Answer

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