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Educators and President Kill D.C. Vouchers

My take is that our Top Educators, no matter what they say, love mediocrity. Anything that threatens their pursuit of a collectivized muddle will be resisted. If vouchers in D.C. can provide more opportunity at less cost, making the NEA look bad in the process, well, you know what the NEA will ask the president to do. His decision to phase out the very successful voucher program is shameful. Instead, he should be encouraging all possible DIVERSITY IN EDUCATION--private schools, charter schools, homeschooling and, of course, vouchers. (Andrew Coulson at the Cato Institute says: "The president has sacrificed a program he knows to be efficient and successful in order to appease the public school employee unions. If he will do this for the NEA, he will do anything.") is The Answer

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