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Expect To See This Anti-Human Message In Your Local Public School

Last week, Fox again trotted out its weird little series called "Life After People," this being an alternative look at themes explored in Alan Wiseman’s book "A World Without Us." Am I the only one who thinks both these works are porno for people who hate people? The shocking storyline in both cases is that things left outdoors will be attacked by the elements. Didn’t know that, did you? The bizarre setup in both cases is that all human beings abruptly disappear. The subliminal message is that this is gee-whiz wonderful because Earth has now been returned to its pre-human glory. The weird part, apart from this totally unrealistic scenario, is that the narrator telling the story is perforce dead, and everyone else is dead, and the narrator is HAPPY about this. Why? Because we are evil and dirty; and Earth must be cleansed. One thing that occurs to me is that Jupiter, Mars and Venus have no people, just boiling sulfur nights and airless minus-100-degree days. What’s so swell about that? You’ll have to ask someone who hates people. is The Answer

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