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First Question: Were The Firemen Taught Math In The First Place?

So Obama’s Supreme Court pick let the city of New Haven throw out the civil service test for fire chief, the problem being that no black candidates passed. Pundits want to discuss prejudice, etc. We had a parallel situation in Norfolk, Virginia; and here’s what you never heard anybody discuss, especially the local paper: these guys who didn’t pass the test, what math program did they study in school? Would it be one of those so-called Reform Math programs, with names like Connected Math, Everyday Math, MathLand? Could those wannabe fire chiefs have been taught math, or is it something genetically flawed in their heads? Maybe the people with flaws in their heads are the people running schools that don’t teach arithmetic. I keep thinking: suppose public schools found the best math programs and taught children how to do basic arithmetic, which is precisely what Reform Math does not do. I keep thinking: are we sure that none of the candidates could have been brought to the level where they passed? Wouldn’t we like to know that for sure? Why don’t local papers DEMAND better math courses??? (A related article is “The Assault on Math.”) is The Answer

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