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Hollywood Loves Creepy New Thriller: “Duh Dewey Code”

When millions of children are discovered to be illiterate and suffering from VA (virtual amnesia), a titanic police drama erupts. Secret FBI unit--The Illuminati--battles with a secret cult--The Ignorati--funded by Rockefeller billions. (Their motto: Semper Fuzzy.) What vicious virus is crippling kids? Cracking the Duh Dewey Code requires Tom Hanks-esque hero to dodge repeated assaults by berserko profs of education, some tricky time travel in an alternative alphabet that nobody can pronounce, and a final dumb-down where the Spirit of Look-say, embodied in the sociopsycho Willy Scott Gray, seeks to subdue the last reader standing, and cleanse the universe of letters-as-sounds. As Willy warbles in the haunting title track, “Letters Are Shapes You Memorize, And So Your Mind Slowly Dies.” Expect John Malkovic as the satanic ghost of John Dewey, a/k/a The Degenerator. (For background, see 6-minute video "Phonics versus Whole Word” on YouTube.) is The Answer

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Remain a novelist, artist, poet, and art director. But main activity is writing about education reform.. The schools, now bad due to ideology and laziness, could be easily improved. 

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I invite everyone to join my crusade or start your own. The worst thing is letting the Education Establishment continue its reign of incompetence.
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