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National High Standards or National Low Standards???

Newspapers are abuzz about states working together on so-called “national standards.” Here’s my guess: the Educational Establishment loves this idea to the extent that the standards can be kept low, mushy and multicultural. A major theme on this blog is that, for ideological reasons, our elite educators don’t aim high. "National standards” will be harmful because educators will use them to dumb down the overachieving states. Why not let each state be an R&D lab that searches for better ways to do things? SAT scores and other tests can tell us which states and which methods are doing a good job. Then the low-performing states can be encouraged to copy the high-performing states. Sounds like a great system to me! What we have seen for the last 75 years in public schools is that our elite educators can always find many compelling reasons why children needn’t bother to learn X. X being anything! WE ARE MUCH STRONGER WITH DIVERSITY--different states trying different approaches; different students trying different approaches, such as good public schools, vouchers, charter schools, homeschooling, private schools, etc. Excellence, wherever possible, is the best diversity of all. (For notes on how to make education more efficient, see "26: How to Teach History, Etc.) is The Answer

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