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The Relevance Of Scoundrels and Sophistry

My local paper reported (late May) that “Second-graders in Virginia study ancient China, Egypt and the American Indians. In third grade, they study Greece, Rome and the west African empire of Mali.” Remember when educators used to talk about “relevance,” and that everything taught in schools must be “relevant” to the child’s life? Let me tell you a little secret. Educators talked about “relevance” only when they wanted to kill off something traditional, such as biology, Latin, history, English literature, etc. Then educators found a better gimmick: multiculturalism. This sophistry cuts from the other direction, and ends up requiring that children be taught the most remote and irrelevant things possible! So you have seven-year-olds who know nothing about their own region and country studying vast empires that are vast distances away and that lasted vast numbers of years. But you see the same goal is reached: children are NOT taught the foundational knowledge they need. And this is in Virginia, once a very sensible state. is The Answer

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