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President Obama Insults Nation’s Intelligence, What’s Left Of It

The Education Establishment has debased the country’s high schools to the point where graduates can hardly be presumed to have a 9th grade education. A recent survey asked Arizona high school students, “What ocean is on the East Coast of the United States?” (29.1% did not know; in addition 12.1% got it wrong). Dare we even presume that high school graduates have a 6th grade education?...Now Obama wants to spend $12 billion to make community colleges do what high schools should be doing. Why not make HIGH SCHOOLS do what high schools should be doing?? And save $12 billion!....Probably the goal is to make ever more professors and administrators ever more dependent on government. The pay-to-play part might be making sure students encounter only PC views... (Cliff Notes: the decline of American education is surreal and fantastical. Any book or article that told the exact truth about this descent would be classed as science fiction--cf. "The Invasion of the Body Snatchers." For a peek into the man-made darkness, see my sci-fi article "36: The Assault On Math.") is The Answer

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