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Still running at the ed school cineplex: "John Dewey and the Effete Elite"

1) Main site is Articles there are scholarly (in a lively way) and intended to last for years. This blog is for short newsy bits. 2) This site is pro-education, pro-teacher, and anti-Education Establishment. Basically, that's the professors who devise policy. They love social engineering. 3) Title of my fifth book is: "THE EDUCATION ENIGMA — What Happened To American Education.” On Amazon.


“Quackery in the Public Schools”--published in 1950!!!!!!!

I just read this important book (by Albert Lynd) and put a review on Lynd deserves credit for writing the first BIG SALVO in the education wars. He called our Education Establishment what it is--dim-witted and corrupt. I was surprised to learn how candid the elite educators were in 1950. They announced openly that the traditional curriculum should go, never seeming to guess that the public might object, or that smart worldly people like Lynd might laugh at them. Here’s what happened next, in my estimation. The Education Establishment got much more subtle, more tricky. They didn’t try to throw out the traditional subjects so much as to undermine the teaching of them, with gimmicks such as Whole Word, Reform Math, Constructivism, Multiculturalism, Self Esteem, No Memorization, etc., etc. Well, those are the inanities I write about. See, for example, "30: The War Against Reading.” is The Answer

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