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Critical Thinking--A Fraud For At Least 60 Years

Just put new review on Amazon for "And Madly Teach," published 1949, perhaps the earliest expose of public school follies. Wonderful book...And it contained a wonderful anecdote about a boy who got 30 in reading and math. When his mother complained, he answered, "Yes, but I got 100 in Postwar Planning." (See review if only for last paragraph.)

See how it works. Children who know nothing are said to have deep discussions about the aforementioned nothing. Nuclear energy. Roman society versus Han society. Hindu ideas on death...The sky's the limit when you know nothing.

From k to college, "critical thinking" is another gimmick devised by our Education Establishment to disguise the fact that nobody is educated. A beautiful phrase. Poetry! Who could be against it? Compare: Whole Word, Constructivism, Cooperative Learning, Reform Math, Self Esteem, and 50 more. Not one increases education; not one is intended to. They are empty marketing slogans; and "critical thinking" may be the best of the bunch....For a good short article on this topic, click here.


The Good News About Education Spending? It’s Overrated!

Maybe if enough school districts waste enough billions without enough results, people will finally realize: “Gee, maybe money isn’t everything. Maybe we really ought to make teachers major in what they teach. Maybe we ought to use reading programs that teach children to read in the first grade. Maybe we should use math programs that teach children to do arithmetic. Maybe if the people in charge were actually interested in education.....

Point is, the Education Establishment always demanded more money; always got more money; but rarely did a better job. Hmmm. Even my local paper, long a fan of giving educators whatever they wanted, ran a Cal Thomas column headlined: “Misplaced faith in education spending.” Analysts concluded that money is not the be-all. I say that knowing this is good news, liberating news. Now we can focus on what is the be-all: schools sincerely try to raise children as high as each one can go.

(Could educators with a trillion dollars get good results?? Not if they use Sight Words.) is The Answer

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