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A Passion for Teaching....Teaching the Passion

I got a wonderful note from a teacher in Pennsylvania yesterday:

"I found your Latin word list, and your 'How to teach Latin' on YouTube this week....I have the great good fortune to be a Latin teacher. My students decline and conjugate ad infinitum, we sing our grammar (I make grammar raps); year by year, I find they are turning into grammar nerds. They get excited by new uses of the ablative. It's heavenly."

Hurray for that. This teacher's knowledge + passion is everything we need in the schools. First, teachers should major in, and be masters of, their subjects. Second, they should be given courses (by experienced successful teachers) on how to DRAMATIZE their subjects.

The problem now: schools of education don't care much about facts and think "pedagogical technique" means psychobabble by Piaget. Yuck.



Harvard Invades Virginia Beach (Fights Fiercely For Fluff)

Virginia still has SOL’s (Standards of Learning). These tests, which progressive educators love to hate, remind people that schools used to focus on facts and knowledge. The Education Establishment works tirelessly to suppress this reactionary nonsense. Who needs facts?

Sunday’s paper hailed the Virginia Beach Schools Initiative, which is said “to preapre students to think critically, solve problems and work as a team.” This yawn is made to seem radical and wonderful. To my ears, it’s just the standard Reform Math/Constructivism/Cooperative Learning/Critical Thinking/No Memorization blather that has done so much to fill schools with fluff. At the end of the day there are fewer facts and less knowledge. For example, Critical Thinking typically means kids who know nothing have deep discussions about said nothing. Biggest alarm bell: teachers will be reduced to "facilitators." A consultant from the Harvard Graduate School of Education dropped down to tell the locals what’s what. Hasn't that place caused enough trouble? The consultant expressed horror that some students could "regurgitate facts." My advice to Virginia Beach: save your money.

(So what's wrong with Constructivism?? Read this....)

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