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Teachers Ordered NOT to Teach??????

A recent letter in the Virginian-Pilot lamented that “some middle school principals direct their teachers not to ‘teach’ their students but to have them learn on their own.” It’s hard to imagine that most people would know what to make of this curious statement.

In fact, this approach is the latest fad sweeping through the public schools. Teachers, recast as “facilitators,” don’t teach. That would be an imposition on their students.

The correct name for this method is Constructivism. Students, according to this philosphy, must construct their own new knowledge.

The arguments for Constructivism are particularly lush and ambitious. Schools must be revamped. Books rewritten. Teachers retrained. It’ll be very expensive. My fear is that most students will learn even less than they do now.

Parents, this thing is coming for your kids. Please see graphic video titled : Constructivism: A Primer for Parents. is The Answer

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