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School-Induced Mental Impairment (SIMI): reality or delusion?

Last week I posted background on FreeRepublic about a column published months earlier titled “Education as Neurotoxin.”

This column tries to explain why the US has 50 million functional illiterates and 1 million dyslexics. Were these people born this way? Or had bad education methods caused the impairments? (In which case, our enemies never needed to put fluoride, etc., in the water as our public schools were already harming the nation’s intelligence.)

Someone left a half-dozen bitter comments insisting I was “delusional,” “illogical,” “irrational,” “nonsensical,” etc. I’m not sure which part offended him most, that sight-words create mental problems; or that the far-left could possibly promote the use of destructive methods.

This commenter embraced the Dolch Dogma that kids must memorize 300 Dolch words in order to start reading. My belief is that it’s precisely the memorizing of the sight-words that causes mental impairment. English words are phonetic objects; and all of them, even the irregular ones, should be learned as such. (Flesch explained all this in his 1955 book “Why Johnny Can’t Read.” I wish everyone could read the first chapter.)

For my attempt at illuminating what happens to children in sight-word classrooms, please see “41: Sight Words--The Big Stupid.”

The other side of the discussion is this question: what prompted our educators in the depths of the Depression (ca. 1932) to discard all the phonics books, and to waste vast sums on Dick and Jane books? My sense is that their actions are irrational or subversive. For an analysis of these questions, please see “Stalinists?? Or They Walked That Way.



Boys Abused by Education Establishment

Only 43% of college students are male. This huge shift was achieved by massive social engineering, which starts in the early grades.

Children aren't taught to read properly. Sight-words and Dolch words don't work; indeed, they have been called child abuse. But this pedagogical abuse afflicts boys more than girls, as girls tend to be more verbal.

The abuse continues. For those who can read, the schools recommend books intended for girls, with only a rare mention of the action-and-adventure books that boys actually like. Boys learn that books are for wimps. So long, literacy and all things literary. Thanks, Education Establishment!!!!

"Keeping Boys From Reading" is an important new article that explains these issues and what to do.


Flesch Update: Public Schools Need Him As much As Ever

Here's the wacky story. This professor-type writes a bestseller in 1955 that explains why millions of kids can't read. End of story, right? Happy ending?

No, not happy. America's elite Education Establishment dug in like a pack of ferrets in heat. They denounced Flesch. They went on doing all the things he said were killing kids. Results: 50,000,000 functional illiterates and counting.

This story weighs heavily in my calculations that these so-called educators are not all that interested in education. Social engineering? Yeah, definitely.

"Why Johnny Can't Read" turns 55 this month. Forever young. Here's a great piece: "Rudolph Flesch Rules the World of Reading." Spread the word.

PS: I just put a video on YouTube, same exact title, same message, just 4 minutes, and you know. is The Answer

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