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Republicans Must Attack Education

Does the NEA also control the Republican Party, the same way it controls the Democrat Party??

What other explanation do you find for the curious silence of the Pledge on one of the country's worse problems?? Which is education; which is public schools that don't do much.

The Pledge was pretty good, as linked article argues, but in 20 pages there was no mention of education. Nothing. Nada. Not even a perfunctory little squiggle.

Folks, it's like this: if we don't save the public schools, the rest is toast. Alan Greenspan put it so well. "If you don't solve (the K-12 education problem), nothing else is going to matter all that much." Don't you trust the Chairman of the Federal Reserve?

Come on, Sarah, tell these dumb Republicans what needs to be done. Just some simple little 3-point plan to focus on. How about Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic? Our public schools have a kind of gas-chamber genius at designing curricula that don't teach basic skills. Kids straggle off into adulthood in a kind of stupor. Thank you, Education Establishment. But how long can your luck hold up? You're getting away with child abuse.

See this article for What The Pledge Should Have Said:

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