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Major Media Tricked By Education Spoof

July 25th--President Obama met with executives from the nation’s largest corporations and demanded large cash payments for education.

Corporate bosses eagerly agreed to fork over what amounts to additional taxes for a school system that does little to educate future employees.

President Obama agreed to do nothing in return to improve the state of the public schools. He orated: “We’ll tell you what you need. Your job is to feel guilty and sign checks.”

Corporate executives and government officials held hands and sang verses from Gilbert and Sullivan, with an especially rousing rendition of “We are the very model of a modern major educrat” and other ditties....

This joke item somehow made it into the nation’s news cycle. Numerous editors were apparently asleep at the switch. No one could possibly suppose that American businesses would give millions more to education officials who misspent the previous trillion dollars. 

At the very least, savvy business executives would point out to the President, in no uncertain terms, that millions of children were not being taught to read or to do basic arithmetic. Our titans of industry would tell the President, right to his face, that the schools must rise to a MUCH higher level. Tough-minded CEO’s would wave a stern  finger at the President and say, “Sir, you’ll have to deliver a far better school system if you expect us to take you seriously.” 

The CFO of Bank of America or some such place would surely say: “Any practical person knows that schools should emphasize reading, writing, arithmetic, and geography in the first year or two, and then segue into history, science, literature, and the arts. Anything else, Mr. President, is just whistling in the dark. We don’t want all this silly social engineering. We want basics, facts, knowledge, and mastery. We want intellectual engineering, for a change...”

Wait a minute! This just in. It’s not a spoof? WTF. This actually happened??? Major American corporations agreed to give money to an intellectually corrupt Education Establishment. But this time around they expect to get different results? Isn’t that what Einstein called insanity?

 Where are we living? The Comedy Channel or SyFy?

 Actual Bloomberg news story here:

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