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Complicit Media Spread Incompetent Education's Big Cop-Out

Des Moines Register ran editorial with this head: "What occurs at home a key in education."

 Pull quote: "It is at home where a child’s educational future is largely determined."
I'm seeing this idea everywhere, like kudzu. Sure, there's some truth, but it's finally a dishonest CYA. I left this comment on the Register site:   

"The spin in this editorial is the #1 Favorite Excuse For Schools Doing A Bad Job. 

Please observe the key ingredient: nothing bad is EVER the fault of the schools or the so-called experts running those schools. All bad outcomes are the fault of the kids, drugs, TV, computers, the internet, 15 other cop-outs, and especially PARENTS. They are just the worst. Uggg, parents!

Forget about it. A century ago many kids arrived in school much less literate and acculturated. The parents just got here. Or the parents were illiterate farmers and workers. It is precisely the task of the public schools to take the kids that show up and transform them into educated citizens. No excuses.

Here's a blue-sky idea. What if the schools stopped messing up young minds with Dolch Words and start teaching the kids to read? What if the schools stopped messing up young minds with Reform Math and taught them to do arithmetic? What if the schools stopped messing up young minds with Constructivism and start teaching facts and knowledge? 

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