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Maybe Somebody Wants Dumb Schools Dumb

Big article in Las Vegas Sun explains what a mess some schools are. But good news: there's a new superintendent who is going to fix it all.
But he says it will take time, a long time. There are tests to gauge results at end of year...
Here's the comment I left on paper's site::::
Folks, you've got to see the comedy. The school system flails around, carefully pretending to peer at every possible factor that could have caused decades of dumbing down. Except the main one. It's a kind of Inspector Clouseau slapstick.
Our Education Establishment has a deathly fear of facts, knowledge, basics, and mastery. Focus on those. The schools will turn around so fast, people will have whiplash.
As to what to get rid of, that would be all the usual suspects. (Google "56: Top 10 Worst Ideas In Education.")
Bruce Deitrick Price
Sorry to be so cynical. But more and more, it all seems like a giant charade to me. Go to those schools, you will probably find every bad idea in education, all piled on top of each other. Cooperative Learning; Constructivism; Reform Math; Sight-Words; Learning Styles; No Memorization of Basic Knowledge; and above all, no real desire to create an educated person. 
Get rid of the phony gimmicks. Watch education soar.
That's the same advice contained in A REPORT TO BUSINESS LEADERS ABOUT EDUCATION (prepared by, just published at this link: 
Bottom line: take education away from the Education Establishment or learn to love dumb. 
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