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Letter sent to Virginian-Pilot (Norfolk, Va.)
Be suspicious of Common Core Standards

I want to say how proud I am that Virginia has not jumped on the Common Core bandwagon. Kudos to Governor Bob McDonnell and Dr. Patricia Wright, Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Suspicion is the only rational reaction. Does this country’s Education Establishment have a history of improving education? Quite the opposite. That’s why critics invented the term “dumbing down.” If you want more of that, you know where to find it.

As for 40+ states signing on, remember that Obama’s Secretary of Education Arne Duncan went around the country with suitcases of cash (nominally grants but better described as bribes) to seduce states into signing on. Most would not have done so otherwise.

Especially scary is the notion that schools will now concentrate on literacy and numeracy, two subjects that our Education Establishment has mangled for many decades.

I suggest letting the other states test this thing. Wait a few years. Then we’ll at least have hard data.

ADDENDUM: it's truly amazing the way our local media pushes for this stuff. is The Answer

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