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Blame those in charge

“The value of teachers,” a column by Nicholas Kristof (Jan. 20), provides an example of an unsatisfying pattern. An expert announces that “our faltering education system may be the most important long-term threat to America’s economy and national well-being,” and then presumes to tell us precisely why we are in this mess. Kristof’s answer is bad teachers.

Other experts focus on other explanations. Parents. Students. Poverty. The culture. The internet. Drugs. Sex. Rock ‘n roll. The usual suspects. 

Here is the obvious truth that nobody bothers to speak. If public education were a publicly traded corporation, all of top management would be immediately fired. New leadership would be brought in. This process would be repeated until our schools showed clear improvement.

The more I studied public schools, the more I felt that the system is weighed down by bad theories and failed methods. I blame the Education Establishment (that is, the people at the top) for these misguided decisions.

Bruce Deitrick Price
Virginia Beach

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