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Media and Schools Should Provide FACTS

One of the main reasons I started this blog was to comment on local things, educational and political. For example, the Virginian-Pilot has a bad habit of pushing its favorite issues 10 or 25 times. Gays in the military was worth at least 50 times. Same for those lacrosse-playing racists at Duke!

But something they don’t want you to know, silence!!! They are not even subtle about it. I mean, if you want to downplay something and still pretend to be balanced, you can drop the item into the last paragraph. But not mentioning it at all?

A practical result is I can go to the gym or an art show, and talk to people about things I’m following on the Internet, and they look at me blankly. No idea. And some of these are big stories.

For example, two days ago the Pilot reported that the controversial Arizona sheriff was being sued by the equally controversial Attorney General. That would be Eric Holder, who many people think has politicized and corrupted the DOJ. Holder apparently lied about his prior knowledge of Fast and Furious. So the Pilot  blandly reported all of Arpaio’s alleged excesses. But did not bother to mention that this Department of Justice is under its own cloud.

But the much greater omission was forgetting to mention that Sheriff Arpaio is bringing incredible heat down on President Obama for presenting what is very likely a forged birth certificate. This of course gives a huge motive for Obama to try to pressure Arpaio into shutting up. (We might call all this Gunfight at the O-No Corral.)

 I just put a piece on the Examiner where I tie the Pilot’s bad journalism in with the public schools’ tendency not to teach facts. In a way, all one big educational issue. Do you believe in giving people the truth or don’t you? Well, do you?

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