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Homeschooling...the Bigger Picture

Homeschooling is alive and well in the USA. This is very important, not just for homeschoolers, but for everyone.

We need diversity: public schools, private schools, charter schools, homeschooling, etc. We need competition, which is why vouchers are so important.

The bigger point is that the Education Establishment has, for the most part, a monopoly. They abuse this monopoly. They refuse to correct their bad behavior and their flawed methods. So the best defense is to encourage alternatives and options. Let the public see that education can be handled in many ways. Help the public to understand that many of the favorite methods used in the public schools are, in fact, inferior.

 The bottom line on American education is that we wouldn't need these alternatives, just as there wouldn't be a billion-dollar tutoring business in this country, if the public schools did a good job. They don't. I'm sure they could do a better job at less cost. They simply do not seem to be interested in doing a better job. They seem to prefer mediocrity. It fits in with their ideological preference for leveling and collectivism.

 Are you interested in raising standards? One good strategy is to defend and support all other forms of public education. This strategy is especially crucial now that the Education Establishment is trying to grab more power over schools and curricula, under the banner of Common Core Curriculum.

 The linked article contains specifics about Hampton Roads in Virginia. But it's a good big-picture article about the situation nationally.

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