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Tell Kids The Truth About Education

Instead of nagging kids to do their homework, etc. how about this strategy: tell them the facts of life, educationally speaking. A good education is just like a good physique --- you have to work at it. 

A lot of public schools are just lazy and mediocre to the bone. Kids have to understand that they're not being pushed, even if they think they're being pushed. Ergo, they have to start pushing themselves. Here are TWO assists:

"A SPEECH TO TEENAGERS ABOUT THEIR EDUCATION." This piece is only about 700 words, very direct, the kind of thing that tough-minded ministers, principals, and community leaders might say to an audience of unruly15-year-olds. Do you own version; or just read the speech; or let them read it. This will save you a lot of trouble and your kids will get the message.

"IS YOUR SCHOOL REALLY EDUCATING YOU?" This is a longer article, for older students who may be ready for the news that they really haven't gotten a very good education, and now it's time to take stock and do something about it. 

The broader question here is, how do you motivate kids when they may be in a situation where everyone is lying to them? Self-esteem dictates that children should get constant praise. Grade inflation means everybody gets an A or B. Guessing is encouraged; while finding the one correct answer is disdained. Constructivism mixed in with fuzzy thinking creates a world where solid facts and precise answers rarely intrude. The broader answer is: tell them the truth to the best of your ability.

The message preached here is that the Education Establishment doesn't care about "education" as most parents define the term. The Establishment is lost in progressive visions for a collectivist future. If you can't change these ideologues, try at least to maneuver around them.
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Remain a novelist, artist, poet, and art director. But main activity is writing about education reform.. The schools, now bad due to ideology and laziness, could be easily improved. 

That claim is clearly explained in new book  "Saving K-12--What happened to our public schools. How do we fix them?"

I invite everyone to join my crusade or start your own. The worst thing is letting the Education Establishment continue its reign of incompetence.
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