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Sandy Hook massacre: media and politicians fail us. Not to mention, public schools.

The Virginian-Pilot (Norfolk) has published many articles on the Sandy Hook massacre, provoking an intense debate about what we should do. I just left this comment at the paper's site, which I like enough to post here as well:
"I see so many extreme positions. I don't see any proof that we know exactly what happened in Sandy Hook. So why are people sounding off as if they know exactly what happened???
This new massacre is very much like the one in Aurora. There are many discrepancies. The closer you look, the more murky it gets. In both cases you have a mentally/emotionally impaired person, who seems almost unable to function in society, but we are supposed to believe that this person organized a complex commando raid, requiring professional skills comparable to what a Navy seal has????? (It's not enough to say they're out of their minds on some drug or mental problem. That just makes you more clumsy and erratic, and unable to follow-through on a long list of operational steps.)
Obviously, if these are contrived or staged events, the main danger is that the public will overreact. The Pilot et al have spent a week trying to make sure that this happens. I am disgusted with our politicians and media. They know how complex these events are, and how unlikely anybody less than a Rambo-type could pull them off. It's quite possible that Adam Lanza is the fall guy or patsy. Feel sorry for him. I can see some scenarios where he didn't even fire a shot."

Mayor Bloomberg, New York City's little dictator, set the tone for this whole last week. The dead were hardly dead, the police hadn't started to investigate at all, but Mayor Bloomberg was confident that he knew all the facts and could therefore proclaim to the world precisely what we should do. I bet he's wrong on his facts and on our proper response. His long-suffering subjects should invite him to take a vacation. Mayor, you're working too hard. Spend some time in the Caribbean.
Well, it's Saturday, December 22, and the story is still unfolding. But I will share with you what is on my mind. If you go to the New York Times now and search Sandy Hook massacre discrepancies, you will find zero results. This is where our media, in terms of fulfilling its responsibilities to a free society, is almost in free fall. 
Our media is fatally incompetent or corrupt, just like our education establishment. The schools don't teach the facts. The newspaper don't report the facts. But, boy, do they know how to waste time on propaganda, indoctrination, and social engineering.
 As for Sandy Hook, the major discrepancy is that the police took two people into custody just minutes after the shooting stopped. There is a lot of evidence on scans of police radio, and video from a news helicopter. The men ran along the side of the school to the rear, and then tried to run up a wooded hill. One of the men seems to been subdued by a police dog. Have you heard anything in your paper about other possible shooters being arrested?
 Perhaps the single most bizarre feature of the massacre is that all of the victims were shot three or more times. Why? I don't see any news stories analyzing this question. But there is really only one answer. Normally, in a murderous shooting rampage, you have a great percentage of wounded. Clearly, in this case the shooters did not want there to be any wounded. No survivors means no witnesses. But again, why? Shooters can wear ski mask and fake beards or other disguises. What is it that witnesses, even one of them, might see that would be so crucial? I think the answer is simple. The witness would see that there was more than one shooter.
The media wants to believe that some sort of mental/drug combination led to this extreme behavior. But that's precisely the kind of person who would not think for a second about things like methodically shooting everyone over and over to make sure that no one is left alive.
 So here's what we need to see to accept the official version. We need a psychiatrist to say, yes if this kind of young man, in a certain state that day, took this particular drug, he could be transformed into exactly the systematic, careful murderer who is nonetheless intending to commit suicide in the end. is The Answer

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