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Public schools botch reading, create illiteracy

A parent contacted me a few weeks ago, trying to understand why his child couldn’t learn to read. The school officials said the child was getting plenty of phonics. But the father knew that the homework every night was memorizing sight-words.

 An interesting part of the story is that the father had been, for many years, involved in education at the secondary level. But it’s possible to work there and never understand the bogus curricula and failed strategies used in the early grades. That’s when all the damage is done, K-3.

It’s also possible for parents to be ignored and lied to as their children are slowly ground down into functional illiteracy.

 This father’s story is a good illustration of what is happening across the country.

The bigger problem is that the local papers and school boards do not seem to understand the extent of the tragedy. The unnecessary tragedy. They are not doing enough. 

 I used the father’s experiences as a take-off point for an article about the reading wars that continue to hurt the nation’s schools.

 The resulting story is called Reading Wars still damage many children.”

Please consider sending it to your local school boards and newspapers.

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