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Dyslexia: deception and despair

The Education Establishment continues a weird charade. They maintain that dyslexia is entirely caused by inborn genetic problems.

Phonics experts have always found that if you teach children to read with sight-words, the children will get dyslexia. If you change the pedagogy from sight-words to phonics, the children will recover. Isn’t that fairly clear-cut?

Just recently on Edutopia a self-appointed expert left a perfect statement of the Party Line, which inspired an article on Examiner. 

The expert’s key assertion is this: dyslexia “is not the result of ‘sight words’ or anything other than a brain difference.”

Well, I guess that settles it.

Now, if by chance, this is a new issue to you, it’s important to understand what they’re getting at.

 If the Education Establishment uses sight-words in the schools and if they create millions of dysfunctional, semi-educated people, it’s not their fault. ALL THOSE PEOPLE HAD DEFECTIVE GENES!  See how it works? They blame the parents and the children. They let themselves off the hook.

Bottom line: we’ve got to get rid of every last sight-word still used in the public schools. That’s the only way to clean up the education mess. Doing this, however, is very difficult if the status quo is locked in place by lies.


One of the most interesting aspects of this whole matter is that many children (and their families), once told that they are dyslexic, actually embrace the situation. Sometimes there are compensations--money or more time on tests. Sometime it's just a matter of having the thing explained in a way that makes them feel special. Dyslexics are told that they have a difference that is almost like being gifted. It then becomes difficult to tell them that they are victims of bad teaching, and that they probably can be corrected. I have a youtube video called " THE STRANGE TRUTH ABOUT DYSLEXIA," which makes these points. But many people leave obscene comments saying that I'm an idiot, etc., etc.

 There are almost 250 comments. Together they almost tell the history of this debate. Possibly some of these people are genetically damaged; I don't have anything to offer these people. But a great number of others have probably been damaged by sight-words. You might think they would be happy to hear that there is hope. Not so. They have been told another reality for so many years, it's become part of their lives. if you go to the Examiner story, be sure to see the video of an English politician who caused a firestorm  a few years ago by simply announcing that dyslexia is a myth.

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