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Public Schools are Occupied Territory

It's sad to say but seems entirely true: nothing good comes from our Education Establishment. They are all socialists or perhaps fascists. 

They never think in terms of "let's teach lots of wonderful stuff to kids of all ages." They think only in terms of diluting content. Here is their apparent plan: teach less and teach it badly so kids will dislike the subject forever. (Reform Math proves that point.)

Americans really ought to think of their public schools as occupied territory, like France in 1943. We need more Resistance. Killing Common Core is a good start.

People are always asking how do we improve public schools. The tone is one of puzzled surprise that we seem to have these odd, unexpected problems, like some blight on a tree. We need clearer thinking at this point. There are lots of natural ailments that show up naturally, diseases, tornados, and such. Our education malaise is not like that. It's man-made, planned, deliberate, systematic, and subversive. Some really ruthless SOBs invent this stuff, and then sneak it into the schools. Get rid of these people and we'll have a wonderful renaissance.

NOTE: The biggest problem that is easily identified and corrected remains bogus reading instruction. Here's a quick briefing on that problem:

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