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Bill Gates, Education, What To Do Next, and Me

In 2007, Bill Gates and Norman Augustine prepared a report on American productivity, and presented it to the country. It was very helpful in making the point that the public schools are a threat to our economy. Otherwise, I thought it was built on a false premise. These super-executives thought that all you had to do was tell our top educators some smart ideas, and these educators would listen. I thought this was nonsense and wrote a column about it. No, I said, they won't listen. They will ignore you completely. You will have to bring an army to make any impression on these guys.

My hope was that Bill Gates would realize I was right, he'd be intrigued that I was such a good judge of these so-called educators, and he would get in touch to say, okay, big talker, what should we do? Heck, I really believed that the two of us could save the country. His name and power, and my ideas. The country's problem, you see, is that we have embraced nothing but bad education ideas. So if we get rid of them and put some good ideas in play, we'll be golden. There is nothing abstract or far-fetched about this. It's completely doable if we had intelligent leadership.

 A month ago, I wrote another article along the same line called "Bill Gates is too trusting." Here, I went further and suggested that Bill Gates should lead an effort to outflank the Education Establishment. He could set up publishing groups to create better math curricula, better reading instruction, etc. Very feasible for a guy like Bill Gates.

 By a commodious vicus of recirculation, all of this led to an interview on, -- 
 "An Interview with Bruce D. Price: Some Thoughts on Bill Gates, Education and Influence"

This interview quickly covers all the main issues. Please check it out and leave a comment.

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