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“Who will speak for the children?” You.

This title is not original. It’s most often used to discuss pedophilia and the silence of the victims.

Another take occurred 20 years ago when the exquisitely liberal Linda Darling-Hammond attacked Wendy Kopp’s Teach for America. A belligerent and reckless attack which argued that Kopp’s program was probably destroying children. Who, Darling- Hammond wanted to know, will speak for those children? (The funniest part of the attack was the claim that Kopp was “deprofessionalizing teaching.” The ed schools did that long ago.)

My ownWho will speak for the children?” has more in common with the pedophilia angle but minus the sex. Public schools are abusing children educationally. Who will speak for these intellectually abused children?

The teachers don’t always know their methods are dysfunctional. School officials may be equally oblivious, or corrupted. Parents aren’t likely to crack the code and be able to tell a teacher, “Here’s what you’re doing wrong.”

The children know they’re failing. They know that school is an unhappy, difficult environment. Whatever is supposed to happen there is not happening in their case. But they don’t know why.

Reading? Can’t do it. Arithmetic? It’s really difficult and doesn’t make sense. Everything else is just an unpleasant swirl that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

So who’ll speak for the children? You, ideally. Everybody in the society has to be more sophisticated about public education.  

First rule, you cannot trust the people in charge. Look at their track record. It’s abysmal.

Second rule, you need to find out for yourself what's going on in the schools. You’ll be amazed.

Third rule, the Internet is full of information on every subject. Use Google to search for answers to the mysteries as you encounter them.


One easy way to start the search is, my site. I try to explain all the weird things going on in the schools. Why can’t they teach reading and simple arithmetic? Why does every educational activity seem to be done in the least efficient way?

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