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Common Core, Hustle from Hell -- update

 on American Thinker:

Common Core was sold to the public as a way to improve public schools. Arguably, it’s the opposite.

First of all, the people in charge have been in charge for 85 years. They have proved themselves to be architects of mediocrity and decline, nothing more.   (QED: That's what they know how to do, and apparently what they are committed to doing.)

 Second, Common Core locks in place bad ideas that have plagued us for decades. Sight-words in reading; Reform Math curricula in arithmetic; Constructivism in the teaching of knowledge; and many other failed theories and methods beloved by left-wing professors.    . (QED: if they started over with better ideas, maybe we could trust these people. Instead they gathered up all the worst ideas in the universe and tried to set them in stone.)

Third, Common Core Standards give federal bureaucrats more power. Communities will have less flexibility. It’s everything a totalitarian government wants.  (QED: the real motive for Common Core, as with ObamaCare, is more power for Obama and his crew.)

Take away the three QED's and this is the opening to an article about Common Core on American Thinker. If you're not sick of the subject,  it's a good way to get up to speed.


 One final note for this blog post. Think back to New Math circa 1965. One of the gimmicks then was to flood the elementary school classroom with complex and advanced subjects, the kind of things that students used to study in high school and college. We heard talk about Boolean algebra, base eight, matrices, statistics, all kinds of crazy things that no seven-year-old should have to put up with. So what was the motive for this? My take is that the Education Establishment thought they could impress and bamboozle the parents and the community. "Hey, we're teaching your kids algebra in the second grade, so shut up and leave us alone." Of course, the parents don't usually know enough to argue and negotiate. So they are beat into passivity. Which is perfect if your real goal is to dumb down the public schools.

 In Common Core today, we hear a lot about higher standards, internationally benchmarked, and all kinds of pretentious talk like that. There is always the implication that all children are going to suddenly rise up to these high standards, simply because they have been announced. In fact, the standards are impossibly scattered, vague, overblown, and very few children will rise up to all of them. Again, I think we're seeing a blitz on the parents exactly like the one in 1965, and for the same dishonorable reasons.

 It's far better to have a few, easily understood standards that the entire community can discuss and comment on. So that Mr. and Mrs. Jones have a genuine feel for how their child is doing. It's precisely that connection which Common Core obliterates. When you have 75 difficult-to-understand standards, you basically have a hoax.

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