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"Common Core or Communist Core????"

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    Somebody left that comment on a news story about educational matters in North Carolina, I believe.
     I was fascinated to notice that the commenter didn't think it necessary to explain the comment or justify it. Clearly, the commenter had gone around this track a couple of times and figured out that the whole thing was blatant.
     I left this in response:
    "I'm glad to see you make this comment. The left has been so successful with their anti-anti-communism campaign, it is considered impolite to mention the obvious. Namely, that the main beneficiaries of creating millions of ignorant and illiterate American students are our enemies, e.g., Commies.
    Namely, that ever since the Communists got on their feet about 1921, they've been trying to take over the world through trickery. The best trick they pulled off was taking control of our school system.
    Many of you understand this completely. But some are hearing this for the first time and thinking, what's all this? Please just think about it. There is no way that normal, intelligent people could come up with scores of totally idiotic dysfunctional methods. Those so-called methods were carefully designed by sicko psychologists NOT to work; then left-wing ideologues holding positions of power in this country injected those methods into the schools. This got going in high gear around 1931 with Look-say, and continues this minute with Common Core. It is all the same BS. It pretends to be an educational method but is in fact a gimmick designed to disorient and dumb-down children.
    So the best thing people can do is to defeat Whole Word in any form, Reform Math in any form, Common Core in all of its manifestations, Constructivism, anything labeled student-centered, anything concerned with so-called Competencies as opposed to real content, etc., etc.
    Everything the public schools do should be considered injurious until proven otherwise."
     I'm in the middle of reading "Credentialed to Destroy – how  and why education became a weapon."  This is an important book (which you can find on Amazon). The basic theme throughout the book is that everything we've seen in education since about 1920 is the same thing: attempts to weaken our society by dumbing down the schools.
     John Dewey laid out this plan as early as 1900.  Dewey would have said that he was improving our society, not weakening it. Point is, he was immediately into subversion and intrigue. The plan was to take over the ed schools, use them to indoctrinate the young teachers, and then send the teachers back to Any Town, USA to indoctrinate the children. Communist "agents of influence" threw their weight behind this plan and tweaked it to serve their purposes.
     See, for example, "36: The Assault on Math," which explains how  math and reading were undermined.
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