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Needed: Religious Leaders to save the public schools

One of the things I write about a lot (because it perpetually mystifies me) is this: how can a tiny little cadre of far-left fanatics, mainly hidden away in graduate schools of education, continue to control and corrupt the entire public school system in this country?

 I say, HOW?

 I checked Wikipedia and it says there are more than 200 million Christians in this country. You would expect them to be more conservative, traditional, practical, down-to-earth, patriotic, all that old-fashioned stuff. You would expect them to push for real schools teaching real knowledge in really effective ways.

 Most of all, you would NOT expect these religious people to roll over when a bunch of socialist  agitators show up and try to transform everything. But roll over they did for the most part.

 In fairness to the religious people, however, I must grant that this rolling over was a slow-motion process over many decades  and indeed most of a century. John Dewey was still in first gear around 1914. The whole dumbing-down process was still a gleam in his twitchy little eyes (see photo above).

 Anyway, what is  entirely apparent to me is that if all these religious people (Christians and every other kind) would more or less push together in the same general direction, they would be irresistible.

 So why don't they?

The only answer I can give you is a tribute to the sneaky subversive ingenuity of our Education Establishment. They have wrapped everything in jargon. They have come up with approaches, procedures and methods that are so complicated to talk about that nobody knows what's going on.  They have concocted genuinely idiotic ideas that defy and mystify common sense. Even as the average person hears all this malarkey and finally gives up, the Education Establishment appropriates  more billions in tax money and pushes twice as hard.

Think of the way Obama & Co. handle everything: IRS scandal, people dead in Benghazi, people murdered in Mexico by Fast and Furious guns, what do they do? First of all, they admit nothing. They lie about everything. They change the subject. They come up with three new proposals for going to Mars. That's more or less what our top educators have been doing for all these years. Bamboozle pretty well sums it up.

 So I've recently been writing about the idea that if we had some strong leaders, Christians, Jews, et al, we could turn this thing around. Easily.

The first piece is called "Public Schools vs. Christianity" on American Thinker.

That suggested a second piece called "Where are the Christian leaders in education?" on RantRave. 

 So please, if you're a member of any religious group, pick one of these articles and suggest the other members of the group read it. Then everyone talks about it in order to find if you agree on enough things to fight back.

 Especially show the article to people who might step forward and provide leadership.

 One important point developed in these articles is that religious leaders cannot be expected to know the ins and outs of educational nonsense. So each leader needs to have some advisors, a committee, a little group of  friends who are interested in education and can explain the sophistries. This is essential. The Education Establishment overwhelms people with BS piled three stories high. I never said the education professors are not smart in a con artist sort of way. They spend their whole lives figuring out new ways to sell bad ideas. So they have a great initial advantage. But if the religious leaders will familiarize themselves with the basic theories and methods, they can then rely on the vast scope of their membership to push back.

  Here's one way to find out how this stuff works. I have almost 300 or 400 articles on the Internet, where I try to explain all of the dubious schemes. Further, when people contact me, I try to answer their questions.

 Or just use Google cleverly. Suppose you want to know about Reform Math. You enter such words as: problems with reform math; complaints about reform math; and similar. Eventually you will find all the best articles published about that topic.

 The good news in education is that there is just too much nuttiness and people are finally noticing. Reform Math is nuttiness. Constructivism is nuttiness. Whole Word (a/k/a sight-words) is nuttiness. Common Core is nuttiness. And much else. (Admittedly, I've become quite a cynic. But I'd go so far as to say if our Education Establishment likes it, it's nutty.)

Here is what actually works. We get smart people and educate them well, until they are deeply informed on their major subjects,  biology, French, whatever. Then you let these people (we call them teachers) loose in the classroom and expect them to do a good job. Add training in how to make a good presentation, then they'll be able to do that part of it. (With all the digital tools there are now,  everything just got much easier.) That's it. That's the essence of education for thousands of years. Can't you almost predict that our Education Establishment will try to do the opposite at every point?

 So it's a good time for a counterattack. It's a good time to say to the Education Establishment, you people are sinister and far too interested in grabbing power. You've been getting away with it for decades. But we're sick of it.

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