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Heroes on 60 Minutes (A few words about why heroes are so important.)

Normally I don’t have any special affection for the TV show 60 Minutes. So trust me when I say I was overwhelmed by the show on March 30.

 I wish every student in middle school or high school could see this program. They would see heroism, genius, ethics, inventiveness, capitalism at its best, visionary talent, the future unfolding, all the things they need to see.

The first segment was about a young manager of a brokerage firm. He saw trading irregularities he didn’t like, and did something about it. (Most of us won’t understand the math but you will quickly understand that this guy was operating in the intellectual stratosphere.)

The second hero was the man who invented the Tesla car and the SpaceX company.

The third segment was about a blind prodigy, now one of our great pianists.


 To understand the significance of this program, you have to understand that the Left hates heroes.   That's because socialists hate the idea that ordinary people can rise up to greatness. 

The Left seems to want ordinary humans to think they are incapable of any successful action, and their only intelligent choice is to wait for the government to give them a handout.

 For the last 50 years, give or take, school textbooks have little by little gotten rid of our national heroes. There might be only a few words about Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, George Washington, and all the other extraordinary people who built this country. This is completely backwards, and even evil. We all need to be reminded that with extra effort and extra dedication, we can take our game up to a higher level. 

 That's basically what propelled this country. Everybody in the country thinks they can improve themselves and their lives. The Left doesn't want you to think such thoughts. This is their ultimate evil action.


 Here is a longer account of the three heroes, with a link to the full-length video of the program as it appeared on television.

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