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Let's get rid of Reform Math-- a meditation for July 4

Here it is July 4. Hurray for the USA.

If you want something to be optimistic about,  reflect on this...

 Those goofy self-appointed experts who control the public schools in this country made a big mistake. They went too dumb, too fast, too blatantly,  too obnoxiously. (You might say they did a King George.)

 They basically told the parents of America, "Eat cake, shut the hell up, and don't bother us. If your kids come home with weird homework that you cannot do, just remember the reason is that you're not very bright. There's no reason to expect that your kids will be very smart. So just accept your fate, and their fate, and leave us alone so we can do our job, which is supporting Pres. Obama in his fundamental transformation of the country into a socialist paradise. And that's not a snarky joke. We really believe it will be a paradise. For us."

 Their arrogance and contempt turned out to be really good news for the rest of  the country. Parents have struggled with the stupid problems and come to the correct conclusion that the people designing these problems are not serious about math. They are serious about something. But what it is the average person cannot understand. That's because the average person is not a power-hungry ideologue control freak.

 So there is a lot of discontent in the land. This creates an opening. Every excess in boxing or military  maneuvers creates an opening for a counterattack. You don't need to persuade the mothers of America that something is seriously wrong. They know that from their own experience.

So if you're an education reformer, you can take the position that Reform Math must be destroyed completely. Use Singapore Math. Use Saxon Math. Use any old-fashioned math textbook from 75 years ago. Doesn't matter. The point is that RM must be eliminated. The parents of America are ready for that sweeping decision. First Reform Math, then Common Core. They both emanated from the same swamp.

Here is a longer discussion of the same points in American Thinker. If this whole perspective is new to you, please read this other article and the comments that people left.

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