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Back to the novel: "The Man Who Falls In Love With His Wife"

For the past 10 years my emphasis has been on education reform. I believe I'm the most prolific writer on education in the country. I have 400 articles and videos on the Internet. My YouTube views are something like 1,700,000. This work continues as before...

But I'm going back, at least half the time, to being a novelist. I'm trying to bring all my projects to fruition.

My first experiment in this direction is "The Man Who Falls In Love With His Wife," romantic drama set in Manhattan. Can a husband love his wife too much? Just to be clear, this is not "romance." It's best described as literary fiction. (You can read a preview or buy the e-book HERE.

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Memo to Mensa and PEN

 Posted on Mensa's Forum. I think it's important enough to repost here.


I've just written an article about Samuel Blumenfeld's video where he says K-12 education is “a criminal enterprise.”  

He sums up the terrifying ramifications this way: “The dumb are getting dumber; and the smart are getting dumber."

The main reason is a designed-to-fail curriculum. Blumenfeld is especially critical of Common Core. But the biggest single malignancy is the deliberate use of reading instruction that does not work, i.e. Whole Word, Whole Language, Sight-Words, etc.

This comprehensive attack is the reason why our intelligence is shrinking. Blumenfeld notes that the number of high scores on SAT tests has dropped.

 So the country’s brain power is being deliberately and systematically destroyed. One might say this can’t affect Mensa because there will always be a top 2%!

 But that seems short-sighted to me. I submit that anything that reduces intelligence is a threat to Mensa and everything that I believe Mensa stands for.

 But people say that Mensa cannot take a stand on anything, not even matters pertaining to intelligence, not even the destruction of its own raison d’ĂȘtre. This strikes me as a convoluted little legalism. 

PEN (Poets, Essayists, Novelists), another elite organization, is behaving in an equally narrow way. They used to talk a lot about the “right to read.” Now they don't even mention that. I have told them that there is a much more important right here: “the right to learn to read.” They should be demanding that right for everyone on the planet, as should Mensa.

 We see a sad pattern here. The people at the top, the big shots, the movers and shakers, the smart and successful, the people who should be protecting the society, are passive, indifferent, unsure of themselves, or corrupted. Whatever it is exactly, I’ve designated this phenomenon “the silence of the shepherds.”

 The “lambs” go off to school and are rendered brain-addled in a variety of ways. What do they know? Their silence is not surprising. But the adults, the grown-ups, the leaders of the community, where are they? Why do they abdicate their responsibility? Why are they silent? 

Properly, everyone would be mad as hell and screaming out the window. As the signs say at sporting events: Make some noise.” 

Addendum: I hope that if you're a member of these organizations, you'll support these arguments to the leadership. Speaking of the society generally, the tide is running the wrong way and I sense there is not a lot of time.



Education, Politics, and Lies--what’s the difference?

During the past decade, I wrote mainly about education. I decided it would be good strategy to stay away from peripheral issues. I didn’t want to confuse my readers. I wanted them to think, oh yeah, this is that guy that writes about education.

In particular, I wanted to stay away from politics. You don’t need any special expertise to sound off about politics. As an education critic, I find there’s few other people doing what I’m doing. But as a political critic, I would be one of many thousands.

 Trouble is, I found more and more that politics and education blur together these days. Here’s why. Both fields have been taken over by liars and sophists. Was it always like this? Or has it simply become more blatant?

Maybe I should try to describe my a-ha moment. Trying to explain Obama to myself (or anyone else) turns out to be difficult because he says whatever he needs to say on any particular day. Meanwhile, I found that explaining sight-words, Whole Word and why so many children are illiterate is very difficult, because the Education Establishment sells its nonsense any way it can.

A few years ago I wrote an article that basically concluded, if you can understand Obama, you can understand sight-words. Similarly, if you can understand sight-words, you can understand Obama. In both cases, there’s nothing genuinely there except the deception and sophistry being promoted at that moment.

That’s pretty strong but also very helpful. It may be the only way you can understand sight-words and the way reading has been taught, such that we have 50,000,000 functional illiterates. It’s very hard for the average parent to grapple with the reality that the Education Establishment may be nothing but a chorus of liars. But if you look at sight-words, Reform Math, Common Core, constructivism and all the rest, you eventually realize that the lying never stops.

Then you look at the New York Times protecting Obama at every turn. What you have is another chorus of liars. And if you look back and forth from the people keeping Obama in office and the people keeping sight-words in the public schools, you are confronted by similar choirs.

Years ago, the Left came up with the idea that journalists don’t need to tell the truth. They could tell each one’s personal subjective truth. Schools of journalism now teach their students to lie. That’s why you have these contrived stories about rape at UVa. And that’s why you have the irresponsible reporting about Treyvon Martin and Michael Brown. The journalists pick the perspective that makes the minority person look innocent; and they just keep pushing it. If they had bothered to look at the relevant videos, they would know not to take such a biased position.

 So what’s the bottom line here? I don’t think there's a single good idea in the public schools and I don’t think there is anybody at the top of education telling you the truth. Furthermore, I don’t think there's anybody in the White House telling the truth and I don’t think that anybody in the liberal media is trying to make them tell the truth. That’s grim but probably closer to the truth than not.

 Harvard had a motto “Veritas. Would any university pick that motto today? It’s doubtful. Harvard’s  probably trying to figure out a way to pretend they didn’t do it, because what liberal universities really believe in these days is their agenda. Ten big lies to push their agenda don’t even add up to one little white lie as far as they’re concerned.

 How can we hope to sustain a civilization based on perpetual dishonesty? I think it’s up to everybody to start over and do what it takes to rebuild our integrity. In the first grade say that 2+2 = 4.  Conversely, claiming that 2+2 = 5 must be denounced as a lie. You start to mess with 2+2 = 5 only if you're crazy, you’re a criminal, or you’re trying to set up a totalitarian regime as in 1984.

There are lots of legitimately complicated things to argue about: the nature of reality and what God is up to. But if we're talking about whether a six-foot person is taller than a five-foot person, that’s merely a fact. You can’t pretend that facts are not there. Obama lives in a world where he can say anything on any given day and then contradict it on a later day. Our Education Establishment lives in a world where they can announce that any theory can achieve any results.

 How to restore integrity to K-12 education: eliminate dubious theories and methods. Here is a list of what needs to go: "Top 10 Worst Ideas in Education"


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