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Saving K-12 education in 2016

For many years I've focused on education reform; that work will continue. I have more than 400 articles on the Internet and over 3,000,000 views/visits on YouTube and various sites. To find education articles and videos, simply enter your interest in Google with the name Bruce Deitrick Price. It's an easy way to find a lot of material quickly. You can assume this material is intelligent, practical, lucid, conservative, and intended to help every student advance as far as possible.

During 2015,  I was constantly struck by two main trends we need to reverse. First, the Education Establishment continues its work of dumbing down the public schools, using a broad array of weird theories and methods. I started to think this phrase all the time: the fix is in. That is, we're being attacked from every direction. One group comes up with bogus approaches. Another group launches a PR campaign to tell us how wonderful these cons are. Another group raises money to attack anything in the way. Nothing is left to chance. This ruthless redundancy was clearly seen during the Common Core Debacle. Which reminds us of the little good news there is: the bad guys don't always win. If the public fights back, the public can prevail.

 Which brings us to the second sad trend. Our community and political leaders, our movers and shakers, all the people who should be helping the public to fight back, are silent and useless. From the Chamber of Commerce and the Ivy League universities, through all the official education groups, to the major religious organizations – what are these people doing? As far as I can tell, not much. Please, if you are a member of any organization, encourage that organization to be better informed, to take stands, to agitate for better public education.


Along with the education work, I'll be busy on a variety of literary projects. Please see my literary site for information about the five novels now available as e-books.

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Remain a novelist, artist, poet, and art director. But main activity is writing about education reform.. The schools, now bad due to ideology and laziness, could be easily improved. 

That claim is clearly explained in new book  "Saving K-12--What happened to our public schools. How do we fix them?"

I invite everyone to join my crusade or start your own. The worst thing is letting the Education Establishment continue its reign of incompetence.
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