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"Saving K-12" is A Great Gift for Smart People -- see reasons below


What do you give to an intelligent person? 

 How about something smart, useful, fun, literary, and socially conscious, for those of us who care about education. That would be “Saving K-12 – What happened to our public schools? How do we fix them?”


  A lively but very serious book that virtually every educated American will enjoy, "Saving K-12" deals with two huge questions. WHY has the Education Establishment dumbed down the public schools? And HOW did they accomplish this feat? For example, how do they spend many years teaching children to read but somehow millions of children never become good readers?


“There is nothing more important than your child's education, and no one has a better grasp on what is happening in the schools 
of the current day than columnist/author 
Bruce Price.”   Judi McLeod, Editor of Canada Free Press

 Bruce Price’s SAVING K-12 is a MUST read! It is precise, concise and powerful. Action is required…for the sake of our children, our grandchildren and the future of the American Republic!"
Robert W. Sweet, Jr., President, The National Right to Read Foundation


 John Biver, columnist and political scientist, posted a thoughtful review on his site. Read it and you’ll know for sure whether this book is good for your friends: Every 12 Years: A Review of the Book ‘Saving K-12’ (Part Two)

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Pensare Oltre invites Bruce Deitrick Price to speak in Italy


 Our Education Establishment, no matter how many millions of children end up illiterate, is able to suppress debate and elude public outrage. Critics are typically ignored. After all, if they disagree with the Education Establishment, they must be wrong.

 “So it was a strange surprise,” Bruce Price explains, “when education reformers in Italy contacted me for help in their fight against sight-words in public schools. Must be a mistake, I thought. American experts constantly stress that a phonetic language would never need sight-words. Oh, they wail, if only English were perfectly phonetic like Italian!!" 

Here’s a shocker. Italian public schools had, in fact, detoured into sight-words, causing all the problems we have here, namely, dyslexia, ADHD, and too much reliance on psychiatric-plus-pharmaceutical solutions. Apparently, social engineers everywhere love illiteracy; and nothing delivers it better than sight-words.

 Many phonics experts stated for years that dyslexia is almost never a real disease. In fact, it should be called dysteachia. 

Italian reformers reached the same conclusion. Their website (note it can be either English or Italian) asks: Learning Disorders or Teaching Disorders? 

Price has been an informal consultant to Pensare Oltre for almost 4 years.  “They are a unique group," he believes. “Smart, sophisticated, scientifically inclined. They’re thinking through the weird practices of their Education Establishment so they can persuade their country to get back on track.” 

Italian is beautiful, entirely phonetic, and possessed of a proud literary and operatic heritage. The people who would teach Italian with sight-words announce to the world: I, Dunce.

            Two years ago Price wrote up his  involvement with Pensare Oltre (which means thinking beyond)  under the headline: "Education Reform: Italian Group Shows Americans How It’s Done"

            This year they’ve invited Price to speak twice at their two-day conference in Milan, a great honor. One speech is called “Know Thine Enemy,” which investigates what kind of people are making a mess of our public schools. (Typically they are called Progressives.) A second smaller talk is titled “Broken Promises.”  Again and again, our public schools promise to teach X but years later nobody knows much X.

            The conference on October 20-21, 2017 mixes a lot of themes: education, psychiatry, culture, science, entertainment.  “I don’t believe,” Price says, “there is another group in the world like Pensare Oltre, certainly not in the US, and, boy, do we need one.”

             Pensare Oltre is particularly offended by the tendency of school officials to attribute every problem to an alleged psychological disorder, such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, ADHD, dyscalculia, and dysorthography. If you teach something incorrectly, you should expect problems. The more incorrect you are, the more deep and ugly the problems will be. That’s been the quiet history in the United States since 1931 when sight-words were pushed into the schools.

Addendum:  “Saving K-12— What happened to our public schools? How do we fix them?” is intended to help ordinary citizens understand the machinations of our Education Establishment. To be published November 17. See more info:


Saving K-12: What happened to our public schools?

I have a book coming out on Nov. 17 called Saving K-12. It answers these questions: What happened to our public schools? How do we fix them?

Saving K-12 is available for preorder now.

 If you feel that our publics schools should be better, and could be better, then you will enjoy this book.

The main strategy for improvement is that people understand what’s really happening in the classrooms. Namely, our Education Establishment promotes inferior, even cruel methods. For example, kids cannot learn to read with sight-words. It’s more of a hoax than anything else. When parents understand how the hoax works, then they can fight back.

 Saving K-12 consists of 65 essays on a wide range of topics.--



 Somebody does not like our culture

Why we have 50,000,000 functional illiterates

 Students reach college not knowing what 7 x 8 is

 100 years of dumbing down

 Every fad turns out to be a foolish idea

That’s how you know they aren’t sincere

 Who says serious has to be boring

 Are they merely clumsy or carefully aiming for mediocrity

   We need our big shots to move and shake more than they do 

 Suggestions for repairing the damage


Order this book here:

If you are a book reviewer and want a copy, please let me know.

    This book is the best cheap gift for smart people.

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Bruce Deitrick Price


Why K-12 is Groundhog Day

In the movie, Bill Murray gets up every day and has to live through the same realities that he lived through the day before. Nietzsche called this predicament “eternal recurrence.”

 Einstein weighed in on this topic. Doing the same thing again and again, while getting the same results, is a working definition of insanity.

 So there you have our public school system, an insane Rube Goldberg contraption with lots of wheels turning, balls dropping, springs springing…. but nothing is accomplished. 

  I've been studying education for 25 years and finally see a simple way of explaining the nonsense and inertia that we all witness. Every day is Groundhog Day because the essential conflict has not changed in almost 100 years. The underlying forces don't evolve. We are stuck.

Traditional education, where an expert teacher tries to transfer all the interesting stuff about our civilization to the minds of the young, is the proper job of schools. It is the right way to do things (even if we today would like to see more fun and cleverness in the classroom). So the community, and common sense, are always trying to  push the schools to do what they ideally should be doing. That’s the situation today just as it was in 2000 and 1980 and 1960 and 1940 and 1920.

 On the other side, we have “progressives” (that’s code for Socialists and Communists) who want to transform the schools so they become part of a collectivist transformation of society. Knowledge, facts, interesting stuff of all kinds, is of no interest to these people. The schools have only one purpose: social engineering. If some kids learn a lot and some kids learn a little, this opens up divisions in society. If children learn to think for themselves, they will argue with their ideological overlords. So in general the people at the top of the Education Establishment prefer dumbing down, mediocrity, and low standards. These people are for me the merest hacks. But you have to give them credit for hard work and relentless discipline. If even the smallest smidgen of education takes place in the schools, they will try to expunge it. They have dozens of bogus theories and dysfunctional methods designed to accomplish precisely this goal.

So this war—this battle for the souls and minds of the children—has not changed in the last hundred years. The apparent changes are all superficial: nomenclature, jargon, faddish claims. The community wants children to be educated. The progressives want children to be indoctrinated. That’s it. That's the whole game for 100 years.

 That’s why K-12 is Groundhog Day. 


 The progressives have a vast interlocking network of people and organizations intended to keep the schools mediocre. Last year I would've said: the fix is in and the situation is hopeless. Now, however, new people have taken over the Department of Education. Now we can start to drain the swamp, as explained in this article on American Thinker: 

 Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos are promoting charter schools and vouchers. Choice is the key concept. If the public has choicesthe public will pick what delivers the most traditional education. That's how we disrupt "eternal recurrence."  --  Bruce Deitrick Price

ANNOUNCING MY NEW BOOK:  "Saving K-12--What happened to our public schools? How do we fix them?" can be pre-ordered on Amazon. Lively reading about serious topics.

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